My interview with Dr. Dana Kollman

In Audio Story on May 3, 2010 at 3:31 am

Analyzing dead bodies, rummaging through remains of natural disaster, and helping recovering countries, is not part of Towson University’s curriculum, but it is part of Dr. Dana Kollman’s life outside the classroom. Dr. Kollman is a professor at Towson University and works in the sociology, anthropology, and criminal justice departments. As an active member of DMORT (Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams) an organization that takes on similar roles as the National Guard, and a past CSI for Baltimore city, Professor Kollman enhances her teaching by bringing her real life experiences to her students. Recently, Kollman traveled to Haiti, where she helped recover fallen homes and rebuild a life for many of the earthquake victims.  Click here to listen to her story >>

A group of Haitian people dig through the rubble of the earthquake's aftermath. Photo courtest of Dr. Dana Kollman


Study Abroad 101

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Colleges and universities across the country, advertise their study abroad program. Teachers encourage it, students dream about it, and schools bring it to life. Through study abroad programs, college students are able to enhance their learning in a way that they can’t get from sitting at a desk in class. Whether you study by the mediterranean sea, in the rainforests’ of South America, or on the mountains of Asia, you will walk away with a new found appreciation for learning. Towson University has a variety of options for those students interested in studying abroad. Read more>>

A photo taken in Sydney, Australia during a studen'ts study abroad trip. Phot courtesy of Jessica Thornbury

Troy Bolling: Towson’s signature “hotdog man”

In Feature Story 2 on April 13, 2010 at 2:49 am

When the rowdy bar crawlers shout, hotdog man, Troy Bolling comes out. You’ve seen him work late night perched at the corner of York Road and Pennsylvania Avenue, but there’s more to this guy than just being Towson’s own “hotdog man.” The Tailgate Grill means everything to Bolling and what the future holds for him and his business is unknown, but for now Bolling lives to keep the customers happy and their stomach’s full. Read about Troy’s story here >>

Troy Bolling working at the corner of York Road and Pennsylvania Road in Towson.

Troy Bolling working at the corner of York Road and Pennsylvania Road in Towson.